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About WDS Components

Think components, spare parts and machine accessories: Think WDS.  

WDS Components are a leading European manufacturer and a global supplier of Standard Parts, Machine Accessories and Work holding Components with a long history and an impressive pedigree, which is now more than 70 years in the manufacture and supply of essential everyday components.

The WDS range of products is characterised by high quality, superior performance, unrivalled choice and excellent value for money. WDS based in Leeds, UK is innovative and regularly reviews the market, evaluates its product offering and enhances its range to meet current and future customer requirements. Over 5,000 of our components now carry the in stock guarantee.  

More customers are choosing parts and components from WDS Components which offers exceptional customer support services, through our Global Sales and Customer Service teams. Everything we do is designed to make your experience with us hassle free. We offer components, parts and accessories, many with a stock guarantee.

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