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Our Spencer Franklin Range

Spencer Franklin is a well-respected brand with a product range exceeding 50 years. The Spencer Franklin pedigree covers vast amounts of our Hydraulics and Pneumatics range incorporating a wide selection of our products such as HydraClamps, Boosters, Hydraulic Ram Heads and Hydraulic Clamps and Cylinders. The range was developed with the aim of appealing to an array of industries from engineering to woodworking, electronics and jewellery making alike.

The WDS range of hydraulics includes our Spencer Franklin brand of boosters, clamps, cylinders and hydraulic ram heads as well as the unique 360 degree work bench clamp the Hydraclamp. The pneumatics offering includes filter regulators and lubricator units, mounting brackets, pneumatic valves, tubes, connectors and fittings.  

For more information on these products and the brand visit the Spencer Franklin Page.

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