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Find all the essentials you need to sail smoothly at sea with our stainless steel marine components

WDS Components have the essentials you need for maintenance and development in the marine and chandler industry. Whether you're looking for hinges, eye bolts, handles or positioning pins, we've got the parts and better yet, an ever expanding pedigree with new additions added regularly. Check out our latest releases on our new products page. Thousands of our components are available in stainless steel: the perfect material for wet and potentially rough environments where you need well-protected and weather resistant parts. 

We'll tell you a little more about our product portfolio to help you find the best part for your boat so you can sail at ease! Another feature to the WDS website is your access to over 25,000 3D CAD models eligible for integration into a variety of software such as Solid Designer, CATIA V4/V5, Inventor and more to support your engineering designs (and, it's completely free). Click here to register for CAD models and get all the technical information you require to purchase WDS parts.

Chandler and Marine Parts: Maintenance for maritime

We supply a multifarious range of handles including recessed and tray handles, such as our WDS 8548 stainless steel hinged handle, which can be used to keep storage in a fold-away fashion, ideal for applications where a flush finish is required. But, the star of the show are our bridge and pull handles. They're predominantly used for opening closures such as doors and enclosures but (as demonstrated in the image below,) these handles can also be applied to boat sides to thread rope through. If you click through to our bridge handles, you'll find our WDS 8535 product range. Here, you can see coloured caps can be applied to the handle; this is great if you want to colour code elements of the boat for organisation. We have traffic red, pure orange, black grey, cadmium yellow, signal green, traffic blue, pale grey and blank caps available at affordable prices.

Bridge handles can be used to pull rope securely around the winch

Another part which is often applied within the marine and chandler industries are our crank handles. We provide six variations of these hand levers including fixed and foldaway handles as well as reamed and square hole types. These can be secured to your boat's winch easily providing you with flexible control over the rope to your sail. Similar handles to these include our revolving grips- perfect additions to handwheels. The tapered grip and rotating action allows the user to quickly adjust a steer with ease.

Check out WDS Components' extensive range of handles including bridge, crank, tray and ledge

Our stainless steel parts are ideal for the marine environment because of their material properties. High quality steel and the strongest grade: 316 stainless steel, is resistant to corrosion of the harsh salt water environment encountered when at sea. This form of steel also has pitting abilities against chlorides compared to grades 303 and 304. The addition of molybdenum to 316 stainless steel enforces its strength at elevated temperatures, hence, its ideal use for pumps, valves and frequent wash down. Additional benefits to stainless steel in general include:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Hygiene
  • Ease of fabrication
  • Fire and heat resistance
  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Long-term value

The above highlights the importance of selecting the right material for marine applications. For example, selecting the wrong material for a hinge could cause hatches to fail, using 316 grade stainless steel hinges improves the lifetime of these parts. Additionally, combining these hinges with WDS toggle latches ensures hatches will remain firmly shut throughout all weather conditions.

If you want to know more about the different grades of stainless steel, head over to our Tech Spec page and check out our article. There, you'll also find helpful technical information on spanner sizes, thread dimensions and tolerances for holes and shafts.

Handles: 316 stainless steel handles and recessed handles are ideal for harsh weather environments and are corrosion resistant.

Smaller handles such as bridge and crank have been discussed above but in some cases, your boat may require a long handle bar along the side for grip or general assistance. Two of our slightly larger bridge handles (both in stainless steel) have loading capacities of 100kg - ideal if you need to hang anything from it. They're part of our Stainless Steel Tube Profile Bridge Handles (WDS 8547) available front or rear mounted with a matt finish and come supplied with washers and screws so the handles are quick and easy to attach.

Our Large Stainless Steel Tube Handles (WDS 8592) have a similar function in respect to its length (maximum is 1000mm). This part is a long stainless steel tube handle with black glass reinforced plastic caps that sit comfortably on each end of the pipe. This heavy duty handle is ideal for chandler industries due to its minimum stress resistance of 1000N.

WDS handles come in a variety of lengths and with different load capacities to suit your marine purpose

Upon your ship, you may have an integrated boom kicker, some of which are supplied with an optional integral gas strut to support lifting the boom. When the kicking strap is released the gas strut will lift the boom to open the leech of the sail. Our stainless steel gas strut range are supplied with or without rod end fittings. Whether you're looking for angle joints, clevis eyes or clevis forksrose joints or mounting brackets, you'll be sure to find the right part with WDS so the choice is all yours! 

Our gas struts are made from a piston, a tight fitted tube, a precision rod mechanism, pressurized gas, a minute quantity of pressurised lubricant (usually oil), all contained within a sealed cylinder. It can be difficult selecting the right gas strut sometimes. You might be unsure what force range you require or the best angle joint ball diameter so if you need a hand, our Technical Team are happy to help. Drop them a message using our online contact form or give them a call on 0333 043 5443. Within this range, you can also find rod end fittings and mounting brackets if you wish to purchase the parts individually.

Hatches and panels can be hazardous if they are unsecured at sea; to prevent this, we suggest purchasing gas struts to control the motion and hold panels in open position to prevent any danger to passengers or crew. If you have easy access latches or enclosures aboard that can simply be locked with magnetic catches, you may require hinges to fasten a door. You'll find we have a vast supply of hinges including: concealed, spring loaded, butt and surface mounted with a variety of them also available in stainless steel for the strong protection you require within the marine industry.

Hinges: The WDS range of 316 stainless steel hinges are not only robust but aesthetically pleasing too. Choose from thread mounting or counter sunk mounting.

Lifting eye bolts can be used to secure your rigging and lash points down, very important if you're sailing and don't want any rope getting in the way. Hoist rings and other parts similar to these are great as attachement holders for any other marine elements you need to tuck away to prevent trips and falls. Our range of eye bolts and nut lifting eyes specify the indicated safe working load (SWL) to help users. A safety certifcate is supplied upon purchase and oftentimes this SWL value is flexible enough to suit most applications aiding a number of chandler designs.

Hoist rings and swing bolts are great additions to boats and serve a number of purposes on-board, that's why it helps to have such an extensive range with WDS Components

We supply a variety of location pins to secure haylards and booms for both easy access and removal. Options include quick release pins, removable location pins, detent pins and others (all of which have stainess steel options available to avoid corrosion at sea). If you're looking for parts to secure turnbuckles, check out our cotter pins and clevis pins; these are ideal across a variety of sailing functions, most notably rigging.

Within our positioning parts range, you'll find a wide selection of lanyards and retainers. There are a number of parts available in stainless steel and in kit form to simplify your selection and shopiing process. Lanyards with keyrings work efficiently with concave deck hinges and linch or pull pins.

Location pins: An extensive range of 316 stainless steel detent and quick release pins. Customise your own detent pins using our wide range of handles and hand knobs.

The parts discussed above are essential to the marine and chandler industries. On most occasions, you'll find fasteners come within these components but if you'd like to check out our full range of nuts, engineers studs or washers for variation, feel free to click through to our machine and hardware section where you'll find a variety of materials, lengths and strengths. 

Find a variety of fasteners in the Machine and Hardware section at WDS Components

This guide stresses the importance of selecting the right material when engineering your next design. Grade 316 stainless steel is ideal to use in this enviornment because of its longevity and resistance properties, ideal as we use this to make a variety of our parts such as hinges, gas struts, bolts, positioning pins and more!

If you would like to place an order, you can do so online using our website or by calling a member of our Sales Team on 0333 043 5443. Our Technical Team are also available to help you should you need more support selecting the right product for you; just fill in our online contact form and let them know what you need a hand with and they'll get back in touch!