Jewellery Making

Check out a number of WDS tools perfect for jewellery making.

Jewellery making is an industry which has been adopted by a number of people in recent years. WDS Components offer a selection of helpful tools to assist with both small pieces of handmade jewellery and those who consider themselves professionals crafting grander, more intricate and specialised desgins.

With an extensive product pedigree of more than 25,000 components, we can offer you a range of shapes, sizes, weights and colours to suit the design of your next model. If you need more assistance finding the most effective parts for you, contact our Technical Team using our online form or drop them a call on 0333 043 5443 and they'll be happy to assist!

Our HydraClamp Microclamp offers a 360 degree viewing angle so is perfect for securing intricate designs.  

As well as providing a variety of individual components to create a solid setup for jewellery or sculpture production, we sell a variety of Spencer Franklin HydraClamps to assist with detailed designs. Our microclamps and miniclamps can be adjusted to provide a 360 degree viewing angle. They're robust, mechanical clamps with the capacity for light, ample work, in essence, ideal for jewellery making. 

We currently offer 3 variations of the microclamp with the choice of selecting the faceplate as an additional component. The microclamp with faceplate (part number SF-1130A) allows you to securely mount your workpiece to the clamp for easy view from all angles and easily adjust the workpiece for high quality results.


Key Features of the Microclamp

  • 360° viewing angle
  • Easy to secure workpieces
  • Perfect for intricate designs
  • Range of compatible accessories available
  • Simple to operate and manoeuvre


This universal workpiece has been engineered to hold many different shapes and sizes; the broad base on the microclamp accomodates more niche pieces especially those involving bending such as rings or larger earrings.

Explore the WDS Components clamp range- a perfect addition to a jewellery making station  

We offer an exensive range of small components including lightweight toggle clamps and workholding clamps to safely secure your jewellery pieces in place. Our toggle clamps comes in a variety of types such as vertical, horizontal, latch, hook and push/pull - great options which can be altered depending on your work piece's positioning.​

To build a stable work station, you'll need plenty of fasteners available at competitive prices through WDS Components. This includes nuts, washers and screws. You can find a wide choice of materials and types on our product pages to help you create a strong surface to hold vices, clamps and your work piece. If you would like to create additional features to your work station such as foldable tables or boxes where you can secure expensive pieces you can search through our range of hinges, locks and catches, and handles.


Whether you're looking for craftsman tools to create pieces of jewellery or the parts to make a work station, we've got it covered. For a work bench we typically suggest using levelling castors as it's easier to move your pieces into different light settings (important if you're working with crystals and gemstones or welding rings). These wheels can be easily adjusted and then fixed into place- they're also perfect for floors which may be uneven creating levelled surfaces, the best stability for you to carry out your work. If you're looking for something more permanent then check out our adjustable levelling feet.

If you've found the parts you're looking for, pop them in your basket and head straight to the checkout or contact our Sales Team on 0333 043 5443 and they can help you process your order. If you need a little more help choosing the right product or want some more advice, use our online contact form to get in touch with the Technical Team and they'll be happy to assist you!