Keywayed Collars

Keywayed shaft collars are a type of mechanical component used to position and secure components on a shaft when a precise fit and positional alignment are necessary. They have a keyway cut into them that aligns with a key on a shaft to prevent rotation relative to the shaft. These collars are tightened onto a shaft using a screw or clamp to maintain their position. This feature is especially useful in high-torque applications where the collar needs to transmit the rotational force without slipping. They are commonly used in various machinery, such as motors and gearboxes, to hold bearings in place, space components on shafts, or act as mechanical stops. Keywayed shaft collars ensure that the attached components are correctly aligned with the drive elements and do not drift during operation, thereby providing a reliable method for maintaining the assembly of mechanical parts in a variety of industrial and mechanical applications.

Keywayed shaft and set collars are available in plain single, split and double split variations.

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