Set Collars and Shaft Collars

One-piece shaft collars are a form of shaft collar designed with a single circular clamp that must be slid onto the shaft from the end. Manufactured from materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, or plastic, they provide a uniform distribution of force and a strong hold on the shaft, which makes them suitable for applications where a high clamping force is required without damaging the shaft.

To secure the one-piece collar in place, it often features a screw (or clamping handle) that, when tightened, causes the collar to grip the shaft securely. The simplicity of this design allows for ease of installation; however, it requires that one end of the shaft be accessible, as the collar cannot be opened and has to slide over it. This can be a limitation in certain applications where the shaft ends are obstructed or where components are already mounted.

One-piece shaft collars are used in various applications, including as mechanical stops, locating components, and bearing faces. They are found in conveyor belts, rotational applications, and other machinery where precise shaft alignment is necessary. They are also used in the maintenance of machine components by facilitating the simple replacement of worn parts without the need to disassemble the entire system. Because of their effectiveness and simplicity, one-piece shaft collars are a staple in both mechanical design and maintenance.

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