Woodworking Vices

A Moxon vice, a specialised woodworking vice, is specifically designed for holding workpieces at a raised level when doing detailed handwork, primarily sawing and dovetailing. This elevation makes it more comfortable for the woodworker, reducing the need to bend over and thereby minimizing strain on the back and neck. The Moxon vise typically consists of two horizontal wooden jaws (which you povide) brought together by two threaded screws, allowing it to securely grip various widths of lumber. It's particularly beneficial for hand-cut joinery, as it provides excellent workpiece stability and visibility. When setting up a woodworking station, a Moxon vice is a valuable addition for those focusing on detailed joinery and handwork.

It is essential to get the right vice for your workbench. Here is a selection of Moxon Vice kits which will allow you to build a bench vise. Our kits are available from stock with next day delivery available.

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