WDS 5694

Laminated Bars with Longitudinal Pole (WDS 5694)

Certain parts cannot be secured directly on a magnetic chuck plate because of their particular shape (uneven surface, projections etc) or their dimensions, (great height, thin wall etc).

This becomes possible using laminated blocks which:
• Transmit the magnetic flux of the chuck by means of highly permeable steel pole pieces.
• Offer great flexibility in use with any type or make of magnetic chuck.
• Are rigid, sturdy and resistant to shocks, bending and shearing.
• Can be positioned loose on the chuck or secured to it with laminations being parallel to those of the chuck pole plate.
• Can be machined without damaging the pole plate itself.

These accessories will thus considerably extend the versatility of a magnetic chuck. All of the blocks and bars have soft steel pole pieces and brass laminations which are silver brazed, without the use of rivets, pins or bolts, allowing them to be machined to any required shape. However, it is advisable not to reduce the cross section too much, as this might be detrimental to the rigidity and mechanical strength of the block. When machining these blocks, care must be taken, as when machining any multi-layered materials.
All blocks supplied singly unless indicated that they are a pair.
Pole Pitch: 3mm Steel, 1mm Brass



Selected Size: 5694-70-01-032

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Laminated Bars with Longitudinal Pole (WDS 5694)

Laminated Bars with Longitudinal Pole (WDS 5694)

Selected Size: 5694-70-01-032


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