Castors and Wheels

A castor is a wheel that is mounted to the bottom of a piece of furniture, equipment, or industrial materials handling equipment such as trolleys, to enable it to move easily and smoothly. Castors are commonly used on chairs, tables, trolleys, and other mobile objects, and they come in a wide range of sizes and materials to accommodate different weights and types of surfaces.

The basic design of a castor consists of a wheel that rotates around a central axis, which is attached to a mounting plate or stem that is then attached to the object. The mounting plate or stem may also include a swivel mechanism, which allows the castor to rotate and pivot in any direction, making it easier to manoeuvre the object.

Castors are useful because they allow heavy or bulky objects to be moved more easily and with less strain on the user's back and arms. They also allow objects to be repositioned quickly and efficiently, which can improve productivity and efficiency in a variety of settings.

In addition to their mobility benefits, castors can also help to protect floors from damage by distributing the weight of the object more evenly and reducing the amount of friction between the object and the floor. Some castors also include locking mechanisms that can be used to keep the object in place when it is not in motion.

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