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Castor wheels, integral components of castors, are small to large-sized wheels mounted within a frame, allowing for easy rolling movement of various objects. They are widely used in numerous applications, from office furniture like chairs and desks to industrial equipment and hospital beds, facilitating smooth and efficient mobility. These wheels are designed to pivot 360 degrees, enabling objects to be steered in any direction with minimal effort. The construction of castor wheels varies, including materials like rubber, nylon, or polyurethane, to suit different environments and load-bearing requirements. Their versatility and functionality make them essential for enhancing manoeuvrability and convenience in both commercial and domestic settings.

WDS offer a vast range of wheels suitable as replacements for our range of castors . The range includes: Phenolic Resin Wheels, Steel Flanged Wheels, Nylon Wheels, Polyurethane Wheels and many colours of Rubber Wheels.

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