Nylon Castors

Nylon castors are durable, lightweight wheels designed primarily from nylon material, renowned for their strength, wear resistance, and smooth operation on various surfaces. These castors are extensively used across multiple industries and applications, including furniture, trolleys, office chairs, and heavy-duty industrial equipment. Their non-marking property makes them particularly suitable for use on sensitive flooring, while their resistance to chemicals and impact ensures longevity and reliability in demanding environments. The versatility and robustness of nylon castors make them an essential component in enhancing mobility and operational efficiency in both commercial and industrial settings.

Nylon offers great resistance to everyday non corrosive agents such as cleaning fluids, petrol and other chemicals making them ideal for medical equipment, trolleys and office furniture. Selecting a stainless steel frame with a white nylon wheel would make these castors ideal for the pharmaceutical and food industry. They would also perform well in outdoor applications. The smaller very light duty black nylon castors are ideal for office furniture and display units.

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