Spoked Hand Wheels

Spoked hand wheels are mechanical components characterised by a central hub, a rim, and a set of radial spokes connecting the two. They are manually operated devices that are typically used to control machinery or equipment, allowing an operator to adjust settings such as position, pressure, or tension. These hand wheels come in various sizes and can be made from materials like steel, aluminum, or plastic to suit different environments and applications. Common in industrial settings, spoked hand wheels are found on valves, gates, and machine adjustment mechanisms where precise manual control is required. Their design not only provides the strength needed for the operation but also reduces the wheel's weight, making it easier to handle.

WDS offer these spoked wheels in a selection of materials including aluminium, Bakelite, cast iron, GRP, pressed steel and stainless steel. Each design is unique with a choice of options: Round hole, keywayed and square fitting hole.

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