Recessed and Tray Handles

Recessed and tray handles are types of handles commonly used in various applications where a flush or minimalistic handle design is preferred. Recessed handles are designed to be mounted flush with the surface of an object, such as a door, drawer, or panel. They typically consist of a handle part that is inset into a cutout in the surface, allowing the handle to sit flush or nearly flush when not in use. This design is particularly favored for its sleek, unobtrusive look and for safety reasons, as it prevents snagging or accidental catching on the handle. Recessed handles are widely used in cabinetry, machinery, and in some transportation vehicles where space is a premium and a protruding handle could be a hindrance or hazard.

Tray handles, on the other hand, are a type of handle often used in applications where a large, sturdy handle is needed, but with a minimal protrusion from the surface. These handles are typically shaped like a tray or a shallow cup and are mounted so that the handle creates a small pocket or space for the fingers to grip. This design allows for a secure grip and is often found in heavy-duty applications such as in industrial equipment, flight cases, and sometimes in large drawers or doors. The tray handle's design offers a compromise between the accessibility of a traditional protruding handle and the sleekness of a recessed handle, providing both functionality and a relatively low profile.

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