Locking and Torque Adjustable Hinges

Locking and torque adjustable hinges are a type of hinge that provides both the ability to lock the hinge in place and to adjust the amount of force or torque required to move the hinge. These types of hinges are commonly used in industrial and commercial applications, where doors or panels need to be securely held in place and the amount of force required to move them needs to be controlled.

The hinge is designed with a mechanism that allows it to be locked in place, preventing the door or panel from swinging open. The torque adjustment mechanism allows the user to adjust the amount of force required to move the door or panel, providing greater control and precision.

One of the main advantages of locking and torque adjustable hinges is their versatility. They can be used in a wide range of applications, from heavy-duty industrial doors and panels to lightweight cabinet doors and access panels. They provide a high level of security and stability, ensuring that doors or panels remain securely in place, even in high-wind or high-traffic areas.

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