Spring Release Hinges

Spring release hinges are a type of hinge that have a built-in spring mechanism that allows them to close a door or gate automatically after it has been opened. These hinges are also known as self-closing hinges or automatic closing hinges.

Spring release hinges work by using a spring inside the hinge mechanism that is compressed when the door or gate is opened. When the door or gate is released, the spring expands and provides enough force to close the door or gate automatically. Some spring release hinges also have adjustable tension, allowing the user to control the speed and force of the door or gate closing.

Commonly used in commercial and public buildings, where it is important to ensure that doors and gates are closed after use to maintain safety and security. Overall, spring release hinges provide a convenient and reliable way to ensure that doors and gates are closed automatically, without the need for manual intervention.

WDS Spring Release Hinges are designed for access doors on machinery. Depending on the model, the Quick Release Hinge can be screwed or welded to the applcation's door frame and then by simply pulling the release pin, the access panel can quickly be removed.

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