Levelling Feet

Adjustable Levelling Feet

Levelling feet or machine feet are components used to support, level, and stabilise machinery, furniture, and equipment. They are adjustable, allowing for precise height modification to ensure the object stands evenly on irregular floors and helps in reducing vibration, noise, and wear. Stainless steel levelling feet are known for their corrosion resistance and strength, making them ideal for cleanroom, food, chemical, and outdoor environments where hygiene and durability are crucial. Nickel-plated steel levelling feet offer a combination of aesthetic appeal and corrosion resistance, suitable for both consumer-facing applications and functional industrial use, especially where cleanliness is a priority. Zinc-plated steel levelling feet are a cost-effective option providing good protection against corrosion with a focus on mechanical applications where exposure to moisture or chemicals is moderate. Each type serves a specific purpose based on the environmental conditions and load-bearing requirements they are subjected to.

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