Anti Vibration Levelling Feet

Anti-vibration leveling feet are specialised components designed to stabilise machinery and equipment, isolating and reducing the transmission of vibrations to the floor and surrounding structures. These devices are commonly used in industrial and mechanical settings where they not only provide a level base for machinery, which may not be perfectly flat or even, but also mitigate the effects of vibration, which can lead to noise, wear, and tear, and operational inefficiencies. The feet typically consist of a base plate equipped with a vibration-dampening material like rubber or neoprene, and a threaded stem or bolt that allows for height adjustments. By minimizing vibrations, they help in prolonging the life of machinery, improving working conditions, and maintaining the accuracy of sensitive equipment.

WDS offers both light to medium duty and heavy duty Anti-vibration machine feet and mounts.  The thick rubber dampener on the base of the foot ensures machine vibration is kept to a minimum.

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