Swivel Pads

Swivel pads, also known as swivel feet or articulating feet, are versatile components commonly used in machinery and structural applications to accommodate uneven surfaces or to apply pressure evenly. These pads are designed to pivot or swivel, allowing them to maintain full contact with a surface even when it is not perfectly flat. This feature makes them particularly useful for applying compressive loads, as they can adapt to slight variations in angle or surface irregularities, ensuring stable and consistent pressure distribution. Swivel pads come in a variety of sizes, catering to both metric and imperial measurement systems, which allows for their integration into diverse global engineering designs and applications. Typically, these sizes are specified in millimeters or inches, depending on the measurement standard being used. Additionally, there is a second design variant known as a flanged base swivel pad. This design is particularly suited for static compressive loads, where the flange provides additional surface area and stability, making it ideal for applications where the load remains constant and does not require dynamic adjustment. This dual design approach enhances the adaptability of swivel pads, making them indispensable in a wide range of industrial and mechanical settings.

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