T Nuts

WDS T Nuts could also be refered to as Tee Nuts or T-Nuts. These nuts are typically used on a fixture plate or machine tables with Tee Slots.  The T Nut simply slides into the T Slot giving the user a threaded hole to attach clamps or support elements.

A T-nut, commonly employed by engineers in jig and fixture designs, is a type of fastener. When a T-nut is used, it's inserted into a hole from the underside of the workpiece or plate, allowing the flanged 'T' section to sit flush against the surface. This flange ensures that the T-nut does not rotate and is prevented from being pulled through the hole when force is applied. By threading a bolt or screw from the top side into the T-nut below, components can be securely clamped together. This mechanism is fundamental in the assembly of jigs and fixtures as it provides a reliable and reusable method of fastening components without damaging the primary workpiece.

Additionally, Four-pronged tee nuts (also known simply as "tee nuts") are fasteners used primarily in wood, particleboard, or composite materials to provide a threaded insert for machine screws or bolts. The "four-pronged" design refers to the four sharp, barbed prongs that extend from the base of the nut, which, when hammered or pressed into a material, grip and hold the tee nut in place.

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