Socket Cap Screws

Socket cap screws, also known as socket head cap screws or Allen bolts, are a type of fastener characterized by a cylindrical head and a hexagonal drive hole. This design allows them to be tightened with an Allen key or hex key, providing a more secure and efficient means of installation compared to traditional screws. Made from various materials like steel, stainless steel, or alloy, and available in different sizes and thread pitches, socket cap screws are renowned for their strength and reliability. They are commonly used in applications where space is limited or where a smooth, flush surface finish is desired. This makes them particularly popular in machinery, automotive, and electronic industries, as well as in the assembly of precision instruments and equipment. Their internal wrenching feature and the ability to withstand high torque levels make them a preferred choice for high-stress environments.

Socket cap screws are available in various sizes ranging from metric sizes M3 to M16 to inch sizes BA, UNC and BSW measurements. The head of the screw has an hexagonal or hex socket and can be adjusted using an Allen key. Choose from stainless steel or steel chemical blacked to prevent rust.

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