Thumb Screws

Thumb screws and nuts are hardware components designed for ease of use in fastening or adjusting objects without the need for specialized tools. A thumb screw typically features a large, knurled or ridged head that allows for tightening or loosening by hand, providing a convenient grip for the fingers and thumb. This design makes them ideal for applications where frequent adjustments are necessary or where space constraints make the use of tools impractical. Thumb nuts, similarly, have a knurled or flanged exterior for easy hand manipulation. These components are commonly used in situations requiring light clamping or securing of parts, such as in computer cases, light fixtures, or equipment panels, where they enable quick assembly and disassembly for maintenance or upgrades. The simplicity and tool-free operation of thumb screws and nuts make them a popular choice in various industries, enhancing user convenience and efficiency in assembly and adjustment tasks. The range is available in both metric and imperial (inch) sizes.  In addition to the standard steel range of Knurled Thumb Screws and Wing Thumb Screws many are also available in stainless steel grades 303 and 316.

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