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Round and square tube inserts

Threaded tube inserts are small, cylindrical components designed with internal threading, typically made from materials like plastic, metal, or rubber. These inserts are specifically engineered to be inserted into the ends of tubes or pipes, providing a secure connection while allowing for adjustment or leveling. Particularly popular for furniture such as tables, cabinets with legs, and light-duty machinery like desks and workstations, they serve multiple functions. By integrating threaded inserts, furniture legs or ends gain stability and durability, preventing damage from wear and tear. Moreover, when combined with leveling feet, these inserts facilitate easy adjustment to ensure furniture sits level on uneven surfaces, enhancing user comfort and preventing wobbling. To utilize threaded tube inserts effectively, one simply screws them into the pre-drilled holes in the furniture legs or machinery components, creating a strong and reliable connection that can withstand various stresses and pressures.

The push fit glass reinforced plastic model comes with a female thread allows the user to screw in either a levelling foot or a castor to the bottom of the application.  WDS supplies two main types of insert; expander fitting tube inserts and push fitting Inserts, both are available in either round or square hollow fitting profiles.  Now available in Stainless Steel.

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