Washers, as hardware components, offer multiple functions. They distribute the load of fasteners, preventing damage and ensuring even weight distribution. They can also prevent pull-through in softer materials, reduce friction during tightening, act as spacers, protect surfaces from marring, and offer locking mechanisms against vibration-induced loosening. In specialised scenarios, they provide electrical isolation or prevent fluid leaks. Their selection is crucial based on the specific application, material, and type required.

WDS offers a range of Washers from stock. The range includes Plain Washers or form 'A' Washers as they are also known, Jig Washers, C Washers, Spherical Seating Washers and counter sunk washers.  The Washers range includes: steel Washers, steel zinc plated Washers and stainless steel grades 303 and 316 Washers.

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