Spherical Seating Washers

Seating Washers or Spherical Seating Washers as they are often called, are dish shaped washers in either a male with conical base or female with concave base. These Seating Washers are placed together to become flat.  These Dished Washers are Ideal for locating two elements into a fixture.

Spherical Seating Washers are specifically designed to accommodate bolts or screws that need to be set at an angle rather than perpendicular to a surface. These washers have a concave (or sometimes convex) surface that allows the head of a bolt or screw to pivot slightly, ensuring proper seating even when the fastener is not perfectly aligned with the hole. This design is especially valuable in applications where precision alignment is challenging or where components may shift during operation. By providing a consistent and stable seating surface for the bolt or screw, spherical seating washers help distribute the load evenly, reduce the risk of fastener failure due to off-axis stresses, and enhance the overall reliability of bolted connections in dynamic or misaligned systems.

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