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WDS 6482

Marlco Charpy U Notch Broaching Equipment 394mm (WDS 6482)

PM-M4 Hss
Notches produced with this equipment conform to BS.131 pt.1, DIN 50115, EN10 045-1 and most recognised standards.
The simplest accurate method for the production of Izod and Charpy notches.
All you need is the fixture, an appropriate broach, a suitable press and a couple of minutes.
• Suitable for ferrous and non-ferrous materials
• Common fixture accommodates 7 interchangeable broaches
• Can be used on any suitable arbor press.Marlco Press 6501BP is ideal
• Load requirement is only 180kg (400lb) on material with UTS of 1.2 kN/sq. mm (75 tons/sq. in.)
• Broach regrind service available
• Always use a suitable cutting oil for broaching
• Fixture Weight = 4kg

* The cut per tooth on broach number 6482-203B is higher than average due to the required notch depth.
If problems are experienced when notching higher tensile materials, then a set of 2 broaches is available as an alternative - broach set 6842-204B comprising first stage 6482-2041B and second stage 6482-2042B.

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Selected Size: 6482-203B

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Marlco Charpy U Notch Broaching Equipment 394mm (WDS 6482)

In Stock
Marlco Charpy U Notch Broaching Equipment 394mm (WDS 6482)

Selected Size: 6482-203B

$993.65 - $1,006.29

Unit Price
  • 1+ $1,006.29
  • 11+ $1,005.34
  • 25+ $1,004.35
  • 50+ $993.65
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