Matt T-Knobs

Stainless steel T knobs: 316 stainless steel available with matt or polished finishes

WDS Components have recently added to their already extensive collection of wing grips and T-knob handles. Available in grade 316 stainless steel, you'll find 100s of sizes, styles and variations of T-grip to suit your application. The detent pin version is created in both metric (WDS 960) and imperial (WDS 962) form providing ideal solutions to engineering specifications in North America as well as international markets opting for a different measurement style. To learn more about the difference between thread dimensions such as UNC and BSW, check out our Tech Spec page with answers to plenty of your engineering questions!

Our new range of T-knobs feature an alternative aesthetic to the polished look already on sale such as WDS 8140 with male thread. The matt blasted finish is ideal for enviornments where the handle is frequently on show to customers or visitors as markings are less likely to be seen in comparison to the polished finish handle. Whether you're looking for a male or female thread, WDS Components offer both variations, perfect for a variety of uses! Conveyor systems are a popular industry for these T-grips, especially the detent pin version as they can be used for positioning frames for different tasks as the belt runs. If you take a read of our Food and Beverage industry page, you'll notice location pins are applied to a number of conveyor belt systems.

We recently launched a range of hand knobs with loss protection to help engineers and workmen adhere to the updated terms within the EU Machinery Directive. These kits feature a hand knob or thumb screw with a trusty, clear, nylon lanyard and nut to secure pieces together; helping to prevent the loss of parts in or under machines ultimately improving health and safety concerns on-site whilst eliminating some time consuming tasks. Within this latest launch, you'll find matt T-knobs with loss protection are now part of this collection too- providing Engineers with even more design solutions. Read more about our hand knobs with loss protection in our New Products section. 

This new range is made from grade 316 stainless steel providing our T-grips with longevity and durability. It's also one of the first out there as none of our competitors currently offer T-knobs in this material. Its properties, such as corrosion resistance, provide the parts with a lot of strength to withstand harsh environments like marine or chemical making it an ideal component for use in chandler activities and laboratories or even the medical industry. Check out other parts used in some of these markets via our Industries section where WDS offer you support in sourcing the best components for your next project. If you'd like to learn more about the difference between stainless steel grades, head over to Tech Spec for more information.

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Hand knobs: available with both male (M5-M12) and female (M5-M16) threads. Choose from either matt or polished finishes.

Stainless steel: 316 stainless steel is a robust, durable and corrosion resistant material designed to last a life time.

Key Features

  • Over 100 parts to choose from
  • Available in metric or imperial
  • Made from 316 stainless steel for durability
  • Detent pin options
  • Matt or polish finishes available

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If you need help selecting the best part, speak to our Technical Team for advice on materials, sizes and general application. Call them on 0333 043 5443 or just fill in our online contact form with details of your enquiry and they'll be happy to help!

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