Moxon Vice Woodworking Clamp Kits

Everything you need to build a bench based woodworking clamp.

It is essential to get the right vice for your workbench. We have a selection of Moxon Vice Kits with handwheels or ball handles to build a bench based woodworking clamp perfect for every DIY project! 

This versatile wood clamp can be clamped to any work bench allowing you to raise your workpiece to a workable height. The Moxon Vice is perfect for cutting dovetails, hand sewing tenons and other joints by hand.

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2x cast iron adjustable hand wheels.

2x cast iron adjustable ball handles

2x M20 mild steel threaded bars, cut to length. Choose from 500mm or 1 metre lengths.

4x M20 mild steel nuts, blackodised.

4x M20 mild steel washers, blackodised, surface hardened.

As well as purchasing the individual parts listed above, WDS offer a range of alternatives and similar parts too such as Single Leg Ball Handles, shorter threaded bars (please use our contact form to request this) and other types of washers for various manufacturing projects.


Click here to check out our Moxon Vice Woodworking Clamp Kits.


Key Features

  • WDS Components’ Moxon Vise mounts to virtually any workbench
  • The kit includes 4 parts (12 pieces in total)
  • Angled wood pieces can be clamped securely
  • Raises workpieces to a comfortable position for convenience
  • Either handles allow for easy adjustment


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