Spencer Franklin HydraClamp Microclamps

Explore our selection of HydraClamp Microclamps. A new addition to our Spencer Franklin range.

Within our Spencer Franklin product range, we offer a number of different hydraulic and pneumatic products such as Boosters and Clamps. Our newest launch to date is the HydraClamp Microclamp perfect for ample and light work.

We currently offer 3 variations of the Microclamp with the choice of selecting the faceplate as an additional component. The Microclamp with faceplate (part number SF-1130A) allows you to securely mount your workpiece to the clamp for easy view from all angles. 

Our HydraClamp Microclamp is ideal for those working on small intricate wooden designs, small electrical components or jewellery makers who need to quickly and easily adjust their workpiece for high quality results.

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Attach your workpiece to the threaded adjustable ball arm (maximum load of 4kg).

The SF-1130A/B HydraClamp Microclamps are supplied with Mounting Plates. An ideal accessory for intricate designs such as woodworking.


The majority of our Spencer Franklin range is manufactured and built on-site in our Leeds warehouse located in the UK. In-house production allows us to offer faster availability to meet tight deadlines and assures the upmost quality. WDS Components is a proud member of the Made in Britain group (membership number: 0152) letting our stakeholders know that our raw materials have undergone transformative change within the UK to create a wide selection of British products at the best quality.

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Key Features

  • 360° viewing angle
  • Easy to secure workpieces
  • Perfect for intricate designs such as woodworking, jewellery making and electronics
  • Range of compatible accessories available
  • Simple to operate and manoeuvre

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