What a load of knobs

Aluminium hand knobs: choose from matt or polished finishes

Would you look at that! WDS Components have recently launched a large range of star and mushroom knobs to the already extensive range of hand grips. There are more than 300 hand knobs and thumb screws to choose from including aluminium and stainless steel varieties. 

Star and hand knobs provide a firm grip to achieve strong torque whilst being comfortable to use. They're great for easily controlling a variety of elements across equipment such as brewing tanks in distilleries or even as handles in conveyor systems. Mushroom knobs, also known as push/pull knobs, are used in applications where a push or pull movement is required.These hand grips are most popular within the machining industry. They're predominantly used as operating elements for appliances, sliding covers, doors, cupboards, drawers and other similar push pull applications. If you check out our full range of mushroom knobs, you'll find red thermoplastic ones too- they're great emergency stop buttons so there really are plenty of uses for these hand-y standard parts.

WDS Components are offering a range of shapes and sizes to match applications- over 300 in fact, the Engineers will be very happy! When exploring the range, you'll notice some hand knobs are tapped with through holes for fixings making it even easier to install the parts. Check out our range of studs and nuts to securely fasten your hand knobs into place.

The stainless steel variety is perfect for sterilised environments where hygiene is an essential. This might include kitchens and distilleries within the food and beverage industry or hospital environments and surgery rooms. If you want to find out more about the different grades of stainless steel, head over to our Tech Spec page, you can even find out more about the benefits of stainless steel too.

Click here to check out our new star knobs.

Click here to check out our new mushroom knobs.

Hand knobs: new polished aluminium mushroom hand knobs have been added to the WDS range. Also available in 316 stainless steel with a matt or polished finish.

Aluminium: the new range of aluminium hand knobs offer cost efficiency with a high end aesthetic finish.

Key Features

  • Star grips and mushroom pull knobs available
  • Over 300 parts
  • Female and male variations to choose from
  • Available in stainless steel- perfect for hygienic environments
  • Check out polished, matt and satin hand knobs

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Our hand knobs range is one of the biggest across the product pedigree at WDS Compoments. Check out ball knobs, thumb screws, round knobs and wing grips too for even more variety. Positioning parts such as detent pins are also pretty helpful and allow users to quickly and easily locate and secure applications in place. If these hand knobs are applied to machines where health and safety is a big concern, take a look at our hand knobs with loss protection where you'll find a trusty lanyard has been applied to the grip preventing loss and damage whilst saving time and protecting users.

Click here to check out our new star knobs.

Click here to check out our new mushroom knobs.