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Spencer Franklin is a well-respected brand with a product range exceeding 50 years. The Spencer Franklin pedigree covers vast amounts of our Hydraulics and Pneumatics range incorporating a wide selection of our products such as HydraClamps, Boosters, Hydraulic Ram Heads and Hydraulic Clamps and Cylinders. The range was developed with the aim of appealing to an array of industries from engineering to woodworking, electronics and jewellery making alike.

Spencer Franklin HydraClamps, for the perfect workholding solution.

Hydraclamps have become hugely popular in many industries and been used for applications as diverse as printed circuit boards, building and repair, engine refurbishment, wood carving and even prosthetic limb manufacture and fitting. The reason for their popularity is the total flexibility the design offers in terms of positioning, movement and stability. It creates a 360° workbench thanks to a ball joint which rotates freely with a 90° axis of movement from horizontal to vertical.

Our newest launch to date is the HydraClamp microclamp perfect for ample and light work. We currently offer 3 variations of the microclamp with the choice of selecting the faceplate as an additional component. The Microclamp with faceplate (part number SF-1130A) allows you to securely mount your workpiece to the clamp for easy view from all angles. Our HydraClamp microclamp is ideal for those working on small intricate wooden designs, small electrical components or jewellery makers who need to quickly and easily adjust their workpiece for high quality results.

Boosters and Hydraulic Power Sources Simple & robust pressure intensifiers.

Boosters, hydraulic ram heads, clamps and cylinders can all be purchased direct through our website or through a member of our Sales Team on 0333 0435 443. As well as offering these key pieces of hydraulic equipment, air and oil boosters, optional accessories such as foot pedals, and pneumatic connectors and tube fittings can be bought from WDS Components. All you need is an air source and you're set to go!

The HydraClamp range is a very durable and robust set of products. Many customers report that their HydraClamps are still working after constant use over a period as long as 20 years. One of the best, additional features offered by WDS is our re-furbishment service for older HydraClamps whereby we can revamp any Spencer Franklin 1100-1600 series product. If you're looking for a any accessories or new seal kits, they are available to buy right here on our website.

Hydraulic Clamps and Cylinders Actuated clamping systems for controlled clamping.

The entire Spencer Franklin range is available exclusively from WDS, and thanks to our in-house manufacturing where this range is predominantly produced, most items are ready in stock for next day delivery.

Click here to view our Spencer Franklin range. If you require any assistance with specification or technical questions, please call us on 0333 0435 443 or email us at tech@wdscomponents.com

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