Shipping Terms

Most WDS items are available from stock for shipping within 24 hours.


Our standard shipping service is:
2 days for UK & mainland Europe via 'Standard' service
Rest of World – 3 to 5 working days


Our standard shipping service is:
1-2 days for UK & mainland Europe via 'Express' service
Rest of World – 2 to 4 working days


If a product is not available in stock, you can choose either:

Combined Shipment
This is the lowest-cost shipping option and will send all items on an order when all products are in stock and ready to ship. A customer sales advisor will advise on estimated delivery dates.

As Available (Standard)
This will ship products as and when they are available using the standard shipping method

As Available (Express)
This will ship products as and when they are available using the express shipping method

Shipping costs are based on the weight and value of the goods purchased. WDS reserves the right to change the courier based on these rules

WDS also has a range of flexible shipping options to suit individual needs, all at very cost-effective rates. You, the customer can choose the shipping method based on the urgency of your requirement and we will do the rest, whether same-day, next-day, before a certain time, or on a specified future date. For more information on shipping please contact us


Any stipulated time for delivery shall date from the receipt by the seller of the buyer’s written order.

The seller may deliver the goods in installments and invoice the buyer as if each such installment comprised a separate contract upon the terms of WDS Component Parts (WDS) Terms and Conditions of Sale.

If delivery of the goods is delayed through any act or omission of the buyer, the seller may put the goods into storage at the buyer’s risk and expense

Damaged goods and shortages must be notified in writing to WDS within seven (7) days of receipt.

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The time period quoted for the delivery of the goods shall not be the essence of the contract and WDS will not be liable for any loss, injury, damage or expenses consequent upon any delay of the delivery of the goods.


Any liability which the seller may incur for loss of or damage to the goods while in transit shall in no case exceed the invoice value of the goods and in no circumstances shall the seller be liable for any indirect or consequential loss however caused.


Delay in completion of work, delivery or in the case of a contract for delivery by installments delay in the delivery of an installment shall not give rise to any liability upon the seller, whether or not any time or date is given in this respect and shall not entitle the buyer to terminate the contract.