Environmental Policy

WDS Component Parts Ltd. (WDS) is committed to do everything it can to protect the environment, and to uphold and improve its reputation as a leading supplier of support and locating parts, machine tool accessories, hydraulic work holding, pneumatics and consumer products, and to supply those products in accordance with customer requirements.

To achieve environmental improvements, WDS has implemented and maintains an Environmental Management System in line with ISO 14001:2015

WDS endeavors to minimize the environmental aspects of all its activities, by applying the most economically viable application of the best available techniques and by adopting the principle of pollution prevention.

WDS is committed to complying with all environmental legislation, regulations and codes of practice.

WDS has set and will maintain, review and revise, environmental objectives and goals with a focus on continually improving our performance, meeting external proposals, and legal requirements.

WDS will seek to minimize the production of waste, use resources wisely in all relevant operations and encourage re-use / recycling wherever possible.

Contingency plans for emergency/accident situations shall be prepared and enacted along with other environmental issues in training programs and to encourage sound environmental practices among WDS employees.

WDS will maintain communication with all personnel working for or on our behalf, interested parties, and the general public to ensure awareness of this environmental policy and their participation in all environmental projects.

This document provides the necessary assurance that WDS fully recognizes and is actively engaged in satisfying its environmental obligations. . If you would like to discuss any aspect of this letter further, please do not hesitate to the Quality Controller by telephone +44 113 290 9852.

Click here to download the WDS BSI Environmental Certificate