New Detent Pins with Spring Lanyards

What are weight stack locking pins?

WDS’s improved range of retained detent pins are now available with coiled spring lanyards for improved location and retention. The modification of the lanyard allows users to retain the detent pins with much more ease.

New range of loss prevention detent pins available in metric or inch sizes

As mentioned above these new detent pins are perfect for use as weight stack locking pins, which are designed to locate and select weights for gym equipment. Even the thought of locking pins can be a hassle for gym owners who are constantly worrying about losing and replacing them, as they are small parts that are easily misplaced. To avoid the tedious task of rotating pins between your pulley machines and your extension machines, upgrade your essential pins with these stretch lanyards to secure them to your chosen machines.

The loss prevention selector pins also satisfy the EU Machinery 2006/42/EC that requires fixing systems to remain attached to the guards or to the machinery when the guards are removed.

Not only can these new loss prevention detent pins be used on public, private or home gym equipment, but they can also be applied to other machinery such as:

  • Light and Sound Rigging
  • Construction Machinery
  • Aviation Equipment
  • Machinery Guards and Panels

These new detent pins are perfect for use as weight stack locking pins, which are designed to locate and select weights for gym equipment.

Difference between standard lanyards and spring lanyards?

Our existing range of stainless-steel lanyards are great for location products like quick release pins and safety pull pins; however, the expanding spring cable is more suited where the pin may be moved further.

The current stainless-steel lanyards are comprised of a 303/304 stainless steel cable with a nylon jacket, which is available in green, black or clear for a sleek aesthetic. For lanyards that come with a tab, which makes it easy to fasten to other parts, the tab is constructed of 304 stainless steel too. The diameter of the wire is approximately 3mm which is the same for every size available.

The new spring cable lanyards are also made of stainless steel but coated with polyurethane which is a resilient and flexible material well suited for retention purposes.  This oil resistant coil lanyard is perfect for use on machinery where lubrication is a necessity such as gym equipment or assembly line machinery. This lanyard comes in black, offering a clean and professional look.

Materials & Sizes

A variety of handles available in this new range

WDS Components new range of captive screws come with numerous different handle types that are contrasted of the highest quality materials.

The thread of the detent pin remains the same across all the variations in this new range. This marine grade steel offers excellent toughness and strength, perfect for holding heavy weights.

The material of the coiled lanyard is also the same across this new range, consisting of a 1mm stainless steel wire which is coated in polyurethane. As mentioned above the polyurethane is a well suited material for oil resistance and flexibility.

Below, we list the variations of materials and the type of detent pin head included in this new range:

  • Hand knob: Grade 316 stainless steel polished
  • Hand knob: Grade 316 stainless steel matt
  • Ball Knob: Grade PF31 (Bakelite)
  • Ball knob: Grade PA6 thermoplastic matt
  • Ball knob: Grade 304 stainless steel matt barrel finish
  • Ball knob: Grade 304 stainless steel hand knob
  • Ball knob: Grade 316 stainless steel polished
  • Ball knob: Grade 316 stainless steel satin finish
  • T Handle: PA6GF30 nylon with a 304 stainless steel insert
  • Pull knob: Reinforced polyamide with stainless steel thread insert

Build your own weight stack pins

As we sell these parts are available individually, to suit your application, you can browse through our singular parts and customise your locator pins. The individual products include:

  • Hand Knobs
  • Detent Pins
  • Lanyards

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