Get to Know WDS Components

WDS is a leading European manufacturer and a global supplier of Standard Parts, Machine Accessories and Work holding Components with a long history and an impressive pedigree.

The business was originally formed in 1952 under the name Woodside Die Sinking Co. Ltd. It was acquired some 6 years later by BOC Engineering who wanted to develop, manufacture and market a new range of standard components for jigs and fixtures; later to become known as 'Tooling Aids'. This enterprise did not, however, prove profitable and was sold in 1964 to a group of private shareholders whose new name for the company incorporated the initial letters of the old. WDS Tooling Aids Ltd was turned around within two years and went from strength to strength.

In 1974 WDS acquired the main UK competitor (Purefoy Unit Tooling) based in Cobham, Surrey. Mitchell Cotts acquired WDS in 1976 and, with the later addition of two small subsidiaries; Marlco Broach in Watford and Wharton Modular Fixturing in Hertford, the company became the Production Equipment division of Mitchell Cotts.

In order to ensure the continued good supply of quality cast iron for its product range, WDS acquired a foundry in Shipley from Metal Box in 1986. This replaced a smaller foundry which had reached the end of its useful working life.

The Hertford factory was closed in 1987 and manufacture of the Wharton range transferred to the WDS Marlco factory in Watford that had an extensive precision grinding capability.

WDS joined the Suter Group in 1987 as a result of the Mitchell Cotts take-over and in 1988 extended the manufacturing plant and distribution warehouse into refurbished premises at Leeds. This then housed the plant and machinery transferred from the Cobham plant. 

In 1990 the company name changed to WDS Limited with the separate companies becoming operating divisions of the Limited company.

In February 1993 WDS Limited acquired the Small Tools division of Jones & Shipman plc, as there was a great deal of natural synergy between the existing business of WDS and the Small Tools associated with this acquisition. The acquisition was another step towards the company's ultimate goal: "To maintain our position as market leader in the United Kingdom for Standard Parts, Work holding, Production Equipment, and Machine Accessories to further develop global sales for the products and services offered."

In August 1999 WDS moved to new premises in Pudsey where it remains today. An initial investment of almost £1M was made in the new site and set WDS up at forefront for new business opportunities in the new millennium.

The financial crisis of 2008/9 presented an opportunity for a management buyout and remains under this ownership today.

The WDS range of products is characterised by high quality, superior performance, unrivalled choice and excellent value for money. WDS is innovative and regularly reviews the market, evaluates its product offering and enhances its range to meet current and future customer requirements.

WDS offers a choice of order options that include a specially developed website where you can enjoy a full online experience from product selection, free 3D CAD model download through to ordering 24/7.

About WDS

WDS has a modern European manufacturing facility integrated with its Global Distribution Centre providing controlled and effective stock management. This control cuts down lead times to customers as the end to end process is managed in house meaning that orders are delivered to specification and on time.

Whatever Your Requirement, WDS Offers the Complete Solution

WDS products are manufactured to internationally recognised and accredited quality standards that are regularly and independently audited. If your requirement is not ‘off the shelf’ WDS offers a bespoke, in house design and manufacturing solution.

All this is backed up by a team of knowledgeable people to assist at every stage from product selection and specification, bespoke manufacture, order, despatch and post purchase.