Our Brands

Here you can find our brands part of the WDS family. This includes Marlco Broaches with large stocks of standard broaches and Spencer Franklin products perfect for hydraulics and pneumatics.

Spencer Franklin

Spencer Franklin is a well-respected brand with a product range exceeding 50 years. The Spencer Franklin pedigree covers vast amounts of our Hydraulics and Pneumatics range incorporating a wide selection of our products such as Hydra-Clamps, Boosters, Hydraulic Ram Heads and Hydraulic Clamps and Cylinders. The range was developed with the aim of appealing to an array of industries from engineering to woodworking, electronics and jewellery making alike.

Marlco Broaches

Marlco Broaches is a highly respected brand exclusive to WDS Components. It has a pedigree of over 80 years boasting a diverse customer base with applications across many sectors. We provide a number of individual Broaches and Broaching Kits as well as Heavy Duty Broaching Presses.