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stainless steel gradesstainless steel grades


Stainless Steel Grades

Have you wondered what the difference is between grade 303, 304 and 316 stainless steel? Follow the link to read about the most popular steel grade for each industry and the reasons why.

What is the difference between Stainless Steel Grades?

stainless steel industrystainless steel industry

Benefits Of Stainless Steel In The Food And Beverage Industry 

Stainless steel is a formidable material in the food and beverage's industry, due to its practicality, chemical stability, corrosion resistance and general aesthetic in application.

Why is Stainless Steel so Popular in the Food and Beverage's Industry?

thermoplastic knobthermoplastic knob


101 Guide to Plastic

WDS components stock a wide variety of plastic parts used across almost every industry, including aerospace, pharmaceutical, medical, and packaging.  Plastic is a durable, lightweight, resistant, malleable, and versatile material that can be designed in multiple colours and formations.

Why are plastics used as a material of choice?

thread specthread spec

Thread Dimensions

It’s easy to get confused with BSW, BSF, BA, UNC and UNF; after all, there are so many abbreviations. But we can assure you, we have all the tables and measurements you will need to understand all the threads we carry.

What's the difference between BSW, BSF, BA, UNC and UNF screw threads?

gas strutsgas struts

Comprehensive Guide To Gas Struts

A Gas Strut is made from a piston, a tight fitted tube, a precision rod mechanism, pressurized gas (usually nitrogen), a minute quantity of pressurized lubricant (usually oil), all contained within a sealed cylinder. They are perfect for various door configurations, and take various end fittings.

What Is A Gas Strut?

gas strutsgas struts

All about Gas Struts

Gas struts, gas springs, or gas shocks are mechanical devices that support, lift, or cushion the movement of various objects. Their applications include automotive hoods, trunk lids, industrial machinery, furniture, and more. Gas struts use the principles of fluid dynamics and gas compression to provide a controlled force that aids in opening or closing a mechanism.

How do gas struts work?

spanner sizesspanner sizes

Spanner Sizes

If you find yourself asking, "what spanner size do I need for an M6 thread?", then look no further! Click through to find a variety of thread sizes (metric) and the ideal spanner to tighten it.

What spanner size is needed for each thread?

construction industryconstruction industry

Tolerance For Holes And Shafts

Every shaft and hole in engineering has a tolerance range: the allowable variation for any given size in order to achieve a proper function.  We have compiled various tolerances, in order to calculate accurate hole and shaft measurements for designs.

Click here for the ISO tolerance grades for holes and shafts

detent pins rangedetent pins range

Detent Pins

Detent pins data-sheet

Click here for data sheet

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