Stock Guaranteed

WDS are proud to offer our customers a Stock Guarantee on a growing number of products. In fact we're so confident if we don't have them in stock we will give you 10% off the items that we guarantee.

We have hundreds of product ranges available for same day despatch. Look out for the 'Stock Guaranteed' logo across our website to see what's available!

Our stock guarantee applies to individual stock items e.g. WDS No. 250-890060Q, these are specific parts and part numbers in a range of products. Look out for the product table column 'Stock Guaranteed' flagged with a 'Yes' to see the eligible products

Terms & conditions

Stocked Guarantee is only available to WDS Component customers.
10% off is only given on product sku’s (item codes) displaying the stock guaranteed logo or text confirmation in our product tables on the WDS Components website.
Stocked Guaranteed products must display the guarantee on the item code.
10% off must be confirmed and approved in writing to the customer following any request.
Once a 10% refund / credit has been approved the customer will receive confirmation and a credit note for 10% off the guaranteed items ordered.
10% off claims must be made within 30 days of the invoice date.
To receive 10% off the item must be out of stock on the date the customer requires delivery.
10% off will only apply to the quantity of items not available, for example if 1,000 items are required and 950 are available, 10% credit will be applied to the 50  items not available.
Items must display the stocked guarantee logo at the time the order was placed.
The customer must still take delivery of the items at an agreed date with WDS and a 10% credit will be applied to the invoice after the goods have been delivered and received.
10% off only applies to items specifically listed as guaranteed. Please check with the WDS sales team to confirm.
10% will be applied to the sales value ex VAT of the quantity that is unavailable, and does not include other products ordered on the same purchase order, order, accessories or sub assemblies or carriage costs.
Stock Guarantee may be applied to forward orders and call off orders under special agreement with WDS.
All stock Guarantees are at the discretion of WDS Components.
Items under Guarantee may change.
WDS Components reserve the right to withdraw the guarantee at any time.

Please follow WDS on social media for updates and more information on guaranteed items.