Health and Fitness

Want to cycle 20km in 45 minutes? Building a new gym in your garage? Or, are you simply trying to beat your PB? Whatever it is, WDS Components can help you with all the essentials you need in the Health and Fitness Industry. From hinges to locks and positioning pins to clamping levers, we've got your parts covered. Scroll to find out a little more about our products widely used in the health industry and how you can apply them in a fitness centre, stay-at-home gym and other locations!

WDS Components have a product pedigree of more than 25,000 products covering machine and hardward, jig and fixture as well as industrial automation and more! Even better, you have FREE access to all our CAD models too which are perfect for engineers who wish to add our parts to their designs. The 3D files are compatible with a range of software formats such as Solidworks, Inventor, ME10 and Unigraphics. Find out more about free CAD downloads here. If you need additional assistance, speak with our Technical Team on 0333 043 5443 or use our online contact form.


Lifting Eyes and Hoist Rings

We have an extensive range of hoist rings and lifting bolts with very high loading capacities

The TRX row. An exercise which can be implemented into virtually any strength training workout. And better yet, it requires very little equipment. To perform exercises like hanging leg raise, clock press and tricep press, you ideally need a suspension training system. These kits can be found online easily and are oftentimes hung from a wall or ceiling using hoist rings and fasteners.

We offer a comprehensive range of lifting eyes and hoist rings online here made from both alloy steel and stainless steel. We'd suggest getting yourself some anti-tamper and tamper proof hoist rings if this is a gym setup for the public. This type prevents people from altering the rings which is an important safety element to consider if you're going to have individuals hanging from the rings using rope/straps. The load capacity for our hoist rings range from 250kg - 10,000kg as the heavier ones are deisgned for marine environments but they work great in the health and fitness industry too so you know your suspension kits and people using them will be fully supported with our parts. To give you that extra guarantee, a Certificate of Proof Test is also supplied with the hoist rings.


Index Plungers and Bolts

Index plungers are used to locate and position, commonly found on adjustable seats and benches. Choose from a wide variety of grips and materials including steel and stainless steel.

In the gym, you'll find plenty of different exercise machines with adjustable seats and benches so people of all shapes and sizes can use the equipment. Whether you're creating your own adjustable weight bench or just need some spare parts to fix your pec deck machine, we offer a variety of index plungers and index bolts to help you out! These location plungers and bushes are used on applications where there is a predefined stop location such as altering parts of your equipment for longer legs e.g. 25cm from the floor opposed to 10cm (depending on the machine). The retractable spring plunger element enables easy function and come in both parking and non-parking form.

WDS Components supply a variety of parts to fix machines and make new ones, perfect for the gym


Clamping Handles

Levers are often used on gym equipment to adjust various features (similar to that of positioning parts). In the image below, you can see a zinc die cast jet black male clamping handle with stainless steel internals has been applied to the bike. As the lever has 24 locking positions, it can be lifted and moved to adjust aspects alike the height of handle bars or even a seat (on a different machine not demonstrated in the image). The mechanical components are manufactured from a high grade of stainless steel providing the clamping handles with superior corrosion and pitting abilities against chloride. Read more about our clamping levers with stainless steel in our new products section where you can check out all our latest releases.

How do clamping levers work?

Clamping handles, or clamping levers as they are commonly known, operate by simply lifting the body of the handle and rotating to the desired location then releasing offering a quick, adjustable feature to the handle. Select models are available with coloured handles or with coloured release buttons. Materials include plastic and stainless steel with male and female threads.

Other handles beneficial in health centres include crank handles. In some cases, these can be applied to machines such as steel or mechanical leg spreaders designed to assist with hip abductors and glutes. You'll find our crank handles come in three variations: forged, reamed and square.

Hand knobs and clamping levers can be found on a variety of machines including exercise bikes and weight lifting equipment.

You'll notice on the elliptical bike machine above, our hand knobs have also been applied. Star knobs are particularly useful in this respect as they have good grip; you can choose from tri, 4, 5 or 6-lobed knobs, perfect if you're considering aesthetical features too. The hand knobs have been used for two reasons:

  1. To adjust the height of the bike's seat - perfect for short, medium and tall people!
  2. To increase or decrease the wheel's resistance - if you want to work harder, screw the hand knob

They're just two ways in which our hand knobs have been applied but there are plenty more reasons for adding these helpful parts to an exercise machine. 


Hand Knobs and Detent Pins

Positioning pins and hand knobs are perfect additions for altering weights and providing good grip to users

The WDS range of hand knobs and thumb screws is always expanding with new materials, sizes and styles added to the website regularly. Our mushroom pull knobs are a helpful addition to create, build and fix gym equipment as they can be used as emergency stop buttons on treadmills (these come in both black and red varieties), applied to machines as weight selectors and to alter equipment elements (discussed above). 

Our hand knobs with loss protection were launched with the aim of preventing a loss of components and protecting the safety of users; they're predominantly used in the machinery industry but a similar design is also used in health and fitness environments. If you're a regular weight machine user such as lat pull down or leg press, you'll notice you can use detent pins to amend the weight you're lifting or pushing. The pin slots in and out of a hole to adjust the amount of weight loaded onto your machine and oftentimes they're connected to a handy lanyard to prevent loss- you'd be stuck without one of these handy pieces!

Detent pins and ball locking pins feature a mushroom pull knob, T-handle, bakelite ball knob or a keyring for simple grip. Mushroom knobs are most commonly found in gyms as they have the easiest grip for users who might be sweaty from a workout or just want a quick session. If you're looking for a lanyard to help with that loss retention element, check out range including clear, black and green lanyards.

WDS provide a wide range of detent pins and quick release pins. Our stainless steel pins provide durability and resistance to corrosion for clean down environments.


Handles and Hinges

Where can I buy locks and catches for lockers?

As we move from the gym areas out to the changing rooms, we start to consider elements such as hinges and handles. There, you'll find a variety of different doors: lockers, emergency exits, lighter changing room doors, all with different loading capacities. We have a wide range of hinges including:

  • Butt
  • Surface mounted
  • Concealed
  • Lift off
  • Locking and torque adjustable
  • Exposed
  • Spring release
  • Piano (continuous)

When comparing handles for a leisure centre, stainless steel are a good choice. Because of their properties, they're easy to clean smudges and streaks (important if you've got high footfall) and they look aesthetically pleasing. You can read more about the difference between stainless steel grades in our Tech Spec section. If you're looking to colour code an area or want some thermoplastic handles, check out the full range in our machine and hardware section.


Locks, Latches and Catches

No fitness centre is complete without a locker room which is why WDS supply quarter turn latch kits to keep valuables safe

Our quarter turn latch kits were a popular addition to the locks, latches and catches range because of their simple installation and fast specification properties. The cam lock kits comprise of a cylindrical body featuring the lock and barrel as well as a cam lever arm with a washer and bolt. Various locking mechanisms are available, from hand-turn to a square or triangle escutcheon key, as well as cut key with a universal fit. Where additional security is required, individually cut keys can be supplied. These kits are perfect for locker rooms and are supplied at affordable prices.

WDS lock kits come complete with cam. Choose from three lock types: triangle, square and pin type. Lock kits are available in 304 stainless steel.

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