Recess Mount Ball Transfer Units

Recess mount ball transfer units are a type of material handling equipment designed for easy and smooth transfer of goods in various directions. They consist of a large ball sitting on a bed of smaller balls contained within a recessed housing, allowing the large ball to rotate freely. This setup enables the effortless movement of objects across the unit's surface. These units are commonly installed in workstations, conveyor systems, and in areas where goods need to be rotated or directed in multiple directions. Their recessed mount design allows them to be embedded into a surface, such as a conveyor table or workstation, providing a seamless and integrated solution for material handling. They are widely used in industries like manufacturing, packaging, and assembly lines for their efficiency in handling and redirecting goods without manual effort.

Recessed ball transfer units fit into pre-defined holes on conveyor set ups and are an ideal solution for the smooth and precise moving of loads around factories, distribution centres and assembly lines.  Several of these BTU's are 'push fit' ball rollers allowing the user to simply drop the unit into place on an application.  Other designs include a male threaded mounting ball transfer unit.

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