Adjustable Shock Absorbers

Adjustable industrial materials handling shock absorbers are specialised devices designed to manage and dampen the kinetic energy produced in industrial machinery and equipment during material handling processes. These shock absorbers are adjustable, meaning their damping characteristics can be fine-tuned to suit specific applications and varying loads. This adjustability is crucial in diverse industrial settings where equipment may handle materials of different weights, sizes, and speeds. The primary function of these shock absorbers is to smooth out the motion and reduce the impact forces that occur during the start and stop of mechanical movements, such as in conveyor systems, automated material transfer stations, and robotic arms. By doing so, they not only protect the machinery from wear and tear and potential damage caused by shock and vibration but also enhance efficiency and safety in the workplace. The adjustability aspect ensures that they can be calibrated for optimal performance across a range of operational conditions, making them versatile and essential components in modern industrial operations.

The WDS Adjusatable shock absorbers have a single variable orifice connected to the adjuster wheel with a graduated scale. A few strokes after initial installation the unit can be adjusted to match the application. The scale enables return to previous settings but does not in itself relate to a force value. The adjuster can be locked using the key supplied.

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