Shock Absorbers

Industrial materials handling shock absorbers are specialised devices designed to manage and dampen the kinetic energy produced in industrial machinery and equipment during operations such as lifting, moving, or processing materials. These shock absorbers work by converting kinetic energy into heat, which is then dissipated, thereby reducing the impact and vibration generated during the handling process. They are crucial in a wide range of applications, from automated production lines and conveyor systems to heavy machinery used in construction and manufacturing. By absorbing shocks and vibrations, these devices not only protect the machinery and materials being handled but also contribute to a safer and more efficient working environment. They help in extending the lifespan of equipment, reducing maintenance costs, and improving the precision and quality of material handling operations.

Benefits include: 

Increased productivity through raised machine speeds, smoother operation and operator comfort.  Smooth deceleration of moving parts leading to reduced wear, lower noise and extended equipment life.  Reduced maintenance, vibration and noise with benefits to health, safety and the working environment.  WDS Industrial Shock Absorbers are maintenance free hydraulic deceleration devices, sealed for life.

Shock Absorbers are commonplace in industrial equipment where objects or components need to be decelerated or change direction.  The kinetic energy in a moving body should be controlled and dissipated to avoid damage and wear to the equipment or excessive noise pollution. There are many device types to counter these issues but none can match the energy absorption characteristics of the hydraulic shock absorber when matched to the application.

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