Self Compensating Shock Absorbers

The WDS AC shock absorbers are of the double tube type in which hydraulic oil is forced though small orifices as the piston retract. The spacing and design of the orifices maintains a constant pressure on the piston throughout the full stroke leading to a near linear deceleration.

Self-compensating industrial materials handling shock absorbers are specialised devices designed to manage and dissipate kinetic energy in industrial environments, particularly in the context of materials handling and automation. These shock absorbers operate by converting the kinetic energy of a moving object into heat, which is then dissipated, thus reducing the impact and vibration caused by the movement of machinery or materials. Unlike adjustable shock absorbers, self-compensating models automatically adjust to varying energy levels, ensuring consistent performance over a wide range of forces and speeds. This feature is particularly valuable in industrial settings where the weight and speed of objects can vary significantly.

These shock absorbers are commonly used in automated material handling systems, robotics, and in machinery used in manufacturing and packaging processes. By mitigating the impact and vibration, they not only protect the machinery and products from damage but also contribute to smoother operations and increased longevity of the equipment.

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