Bobbin and Hour Glass Anti Vibration Mounts

Bobbin anti-vibration mounts consist of a cylindrical rubber bobbin with a metal core and a threaded stud or bolt at each end. The bobbin is designed to flex and compress when subjected to vibrations, which reduces the amount of energy transmitted to the mounting surface. The metal core provides strength and stability to the mount, while the rubber material helps to absorb and dissipate the vibrations.

Hourglass anti-vibration mounts, also known as conical mounts, have a tapered shape with a smaller diameter at the top and a larger diameter at the bottom. They typically have a metal base plate and a rubber or neoprene body. Hourglass mounts work by compressing the rubber material as vibrations are transmitted through the equipment, which absorbs and dissipates the energy of the vibration. The conical shape of the mount helps to distribute the load evenly across the base plate and reduce the risk of deformation or damage.

Both bobbin and hourglass anti-vibration mounts work on the principle of vibration isolation, which involves isolating the equipment from the mounting surface to reduce the transmission of vibrations. By using these types of mounts, the amount of vibration and noise generated by the equipment can be reduced, which can improve the comfort and safety of people nearby and reduce the risk of damage to surrounding structures.

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