Solid Dished Hand Wheels

Solid dished hand wheels are a type of manual control interface commonly used on machinery for adjustments or control operations. They are characterised by their solid, concave, or "dished" profile, which provides a more ergonomic grip for the operator's hands. Typically made from materials like steel, aluminum, or plastic, these hand wheels are attached to machine components such as valves, gears, and other adjustable mechanisms. The wheel's design allows for precise control over the movement of these components, enabling the operator to make fine adjustments with ease. The solid nature of the wheel also provides durability and stability, ensuring reliable performance in various industrial environments. They can be found in applications ranging from metalworking lathes to industrial ovens, where manual control is necessary to adjust settings or positions of machine elements.

Solid Centre Hand Wheels are available in aluminium, bakelite and thermoplastic. Models can be hand operated or cranked via a hand grip. Select styles have either a Revolving Grip or a Folding Grip.

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