Piano Hinges (Continuous Hinges)

A piano hinge, also known as a continuous hinge, is a type of hinge that runs the entire length of the objects it connects. It is called a continuous hinge because it doesn't have any breaks or interruptions along its length.

Piano hinges are typically made from a long, narrow strip of metal, such as brass or stainless steel, and have evenly spaced screw holes along their length. They are designed to be installed flush with the edge of two objects, such as a door and a frame, or a lid and a box, allowing them to pivot smoothly and securely.

One of the primary benefits of a piano hinge is that it distributes the weight of the objects evenly along the entire length of the hinge, making it strong and durable. This makes it an ideal hinge for light and medium-duty applications, such as large cabinet doors, toolboxes, or other applications that require a long-lasting, secure hinge.

Piano hinges are also popular in woodworking and crafting applications, where they can be used to create foldable tables, work surfaces, or other items that require a long, continuous hinge. Overall, the piano hinge is a versatile and reliable type of hinge that can be used in a wide range of applications.

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