Piano Hinges (Continuous Hinges)

Piano hinges, also known as continuous hinges, are long, slender, and flat metal hinges characterised by their continuous and uninterrupted design. These hinges are typically used to provide a strong and durable pivot point for doors, lids, panels, and other objects that need to swing open and closed while maintaining a secure connection along their entire length. Piano hinges are renowned for their versatility and robust construction, making them suitable for a wide range of applications in various industries.

The unique feature of piano hinges lies in their seamless appearance and the ability to span the entire length of the objects they are installed on. This characteristic allows for a uniform distribution of stress, enhancing the hinge's strength and longevity. Piano hinges are commonly used in applications such as musical instrument cases, cabinets, foldable tables, toolboxes, and even in the construction of pianos (hence the name). Their usage in these contexts ensures smooth and continuous movement while providing stability and support to the objects they are attached to. Overall, piano hinges are an essential hardware component when it comes to creating hinge mechanisms that require durability, alignment precision, and an unobtrusive appearance.

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