Tee Bolts

T-bolts, also known as T-slot bolts, are fasteners with a T-shaped head that are designed to slide into a T-slot track on machines, workbenches, or other equipment that has T-slot framing systems. They are commonly made of steel or stainless steel for strength and durability. The T-shaped head of the bolt allows it to sit flush in the T-slot, providing a low-profile, high-strength connection that can be easily adjusted or repositioned. To use a T-bolt, one typically slides the head into the T-slot and then tightens the bolt onto the workpiece or clamping element that is being secured. This mechanism is highly versatile and is used in various applications, such as mounting clamps for woodworking or metalworking, securing components on work tables, assembling framing for structures or machinery, and attaching accessories to equipment. The ease of movement and repositioning makes T-bolts particularly useful for applications where frequent adjustments are needed, or for creating custom setups.

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