Thread Repair Kits and Tools

Thread repair kits and tools are essential equipment used in various industries and applications to fix damaged or stripped threads in bolts, screws, and other threaded components. These kits typically include a set of precision tools and inserts designed to restore the integrity and functionality of the damaged threads. Thread repair kits come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different thread types, including metric and standard (imperial) threads.

The process of using a thread repair kit involves several steps. First, the damaged thread is cleaned and prepared by removing any debris or old thread material. Then, a tap or thread tap is used to create a clean, new thread in the damaged hole. After tapping, a thread insert, often made of stainless steel or other durable materials, is screwed into the newly tapped hole. This insert serves as a replacement thread, providing a strong and reliable connection. Thread repair kits and tools are invaluable for maintenance and repair tasks, as they can save time and resources by salvaging components with damaged threads, reducing the need for expensive replacements and ensuring the continued functionality of machinery and equipment.

Also available are single size kits in sizes from M3 to M16. In addition to the standard wire inserts WDS offer a range of heavy duty threaded insert kits, these offer six sizes ranging from M5 to M16.

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