Stainless Steel Hand Knob Range Grows to Become UK’s Largest

Our Stainless Steel Tri-Knob Hand Knobs applied to an industrial lid.

WDS Components Ltd. has expanded its range of stainless steel hand knobs to include hundreds of sizes, enabling the customer to have exactly the size and thread they need without having to compromise. The range includes various styles with up to 93 sizes per individual model of hand knob, including inch-size threads. With the UK’s largest stock, WDS can also offer the most competitive prices.

Hand knobs are designed to tighten by hand without the need for a tool and can be used for a wide range of applications, from door knobs for cabinets to clamps for machinery. 316 stainless steel, often referred to as ‘food grade’ steel, means rust-free use in the most demanding and corrosive environments.

Practically unique in the UK, WDS’ stainless steel hand knobs are assembled in house at the company’s Leeds facility. This means that WDS can rapidly match thread lengths and handles to meet the desired order volume in a very short space of time, with same-day dispatch available. This flexibility also gives the customer the UK’s widest range of choice on stainless steel hand knob sizes and types, which is also the case for the majority of components that WDS supplies. Flexibility also extends to order volumes and the customer can purchase a single unit to multiple thousands, with no upper limit.

With six styles available including tri-knobs, T-knobs, standard four-pointed knobs, wing knobs, mushroom knobs and lobed knobs, each style carries between 29 and 93 sizes each in thread sizes that range between M4 and M12. Inch-size threads are also available in a wide range for North American OEMs and end customers, as well as UK and worldwide businesses that supply into the region. Male and female thread sizes are also available.

Highly durable, WDS’s stainless steel hand knobs are commonly used in industrial applications, but as a result of the appealing designs and highly polished finish, they are also growing in use within commercial and residential settings. In addition to machinery, the hand knobs are ideal for kitchen drawers & handles, bathrooms, boats, doors and cupboards.

As well as having an attractive design, rounded edges improve hygiene and resistance to corrosion. The knobs feature a crevice-free design that prevents build up of bacteria and improves the ease and effectiveness of wash down.

The large stock holding and assembly flexibility also means that WDS can pass on the cost saving to its customers, presenting highly competitive rates for component parts both in the UK and worldwide. In addition to UK supply, WDS also ships to customers around the world. The company also offers extensive design assistance through its Customer Support team, as well as that includes resources including CAD drawings, 3D non-specialist images and full specifications.