Spring Loaded Ball Transfer Units

Spring loaded ball transfer units are specialised devices designed for material handling applications. They consist of a large load-bearing ball that sits upon many smaller balls enclosed in a housing, with a spring mechanism underneath. This design allows the main ball to move smoothly in all directions, efficiently transferring loads across surfaces. The spring-loading feature provides additional versatility, as it allows the unit to depress under heavier loads, ensuring stable and controlled movement. These units are commonly used in conveyor systems, feed tables, processing machinery, and other applications where items need to be moved, rotated, or positioned with minimal effort and high precision. Their ability to handle both radial and axial loads makes them suitable for a wide range of industrial and commercial uses.

Spring loaded ball rollers and ball transfer units are for conveyor applications allowing high-capacity loads to be supported using an anti-shock spring. The spring supports the ball from inside the housing allowing the transfer of heavy-duty flat boxes and crates seamlessly from one length of the conveyor to another without the use of force.

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