Shoulder Screws and Bolts

Shoulder Bolts and Shoulder Screws

Shoulder bolts and shoulder screws are types of fasteners that have an unthreaded cylindrical section, or "shoulder", between the head and the threaded section. This shoulder allows for precise alignment and spacing of components. When tightened, the threaded portion clamps the assembly, while the shoulder accurately positions and supports the components. These fasteners are commonly used in mechanical applications, such as pivot points or guides, where precise positioning is crucial. Their design enables rotational or sliding movement of attached parts while maintaining alignment.

What is the purpose of using shoulder screws?

The purpose of using shoulder screws is to align and position parts precisely, such as hinges and brackets. The shoulder screws are utilised as axles for rotating components or as pivot points for mechanical systems.

How to measure shoulder bolts

The size that is measured is normally the diameter and length. WDS provides a range of sizes, and these can be found on the products or by using our filters. Thread lengths are fixed for each size. Sizes include metric M5 to M16 and inch sizes in UNC or BA/BSF.

Types of shoulder screws

WDS supplies different types of shoulder screws: standard steel shoulder screws, and metric 316 stainless steel shoulder bolts.

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